Floating in the rapids in icy cold water at Ruka Kuusamo

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Floating in the icy rapids is one of the fun activities that you can do in Ruka Kuusamo! The floating is made in the dry suits that protect you well from the elements. Of course, you have warm clothes underneath too!

We’ve done our ice floating trip with Tailored Adventures company from Ruka Kuusamo. The company is one of the best adventure providers at Ruka Ski Resort.

The company’s guides have taken us to the picturesque landspaces of Kiveskoski rapids in Kuusamo region. The floating experience in the ciy water is truly amazing and purifying, something that anyone should experience! And, this is something you can do all year round!

Ruka Ski Resort has lots of fun activities to offer. Floating in the icy cold rapids is probably one of the weirdest and memorable ones! We were invited to test this program out by our friend Aino from Tailored Adventures, and we gladly agreed! But first, we needed to get the proper gear for the floating at the company’s office.

The day was pretty cold, with almost –20°C. First, we have put on warm overalls on. On top of them, we tried out the dry suits. They are originally intended for rescue on the ships, however, here we use them for fun! 

We were joined by the group of fun ladies who were celebrating the bachelor party. Together, we headed out on bus towards the beautiful rapids of Kiveskoski, located 15 minute drive north from Ruka Ski Resort.

We’ve walked a short way towards the streaming river. The Kiveskoski rapid unites two large bodies, lake Kitkajärvi and Kurtinjärvi. The flow in the river is so fast that it doesn’t freeze even in the coldest winter frost. And, cold it was on this February morning! 

We’ve proceeded to the stream where our guide made a really proper demonstration of how floating happens…by floating himself fora while 🙂 Then, we’ve walking through the snowy forest towards the “launching place.

Then, came the moment we’ve all been waiting for! We’ve stepped into the icy cold water, leaned on our back, and let ourselves go. 

The feeling of floating on the water is peaceful and quiet. The icy cold water has picked up our bodies and we began drifting with the current.

Floating in the rapids seen from the shore of Kiveskoski in Ruka Kuusamo.


A few hundred meters downstream, we’ve reached our destination. As instructed by our guide, we turned our backs towards the shore, and started paddling. Soon, we could feel the bottom beneath us, and we could finally walk on the shore.


We walked back to launching place and went into the water again. This time, it was much easier to stir the body around, as we’ve already gained some experience.


Floating in Rapids with Tailored Adventures company in Ruka Kuusamo Finland.

This time, we’ve floated a little bit further a way, on the other side of the road that we came with. The bachelor party consisting our of girls have formed a circle, and stayed in that formation for almost all of the second drift. 

Group of floaters forming a circle in the icy river. Ruka Kuusamo Finland. A short way back, and we returned to the parking spot.

Happy floaters walking back after a nice rapid floating experience in Ruka Kuusamo. 

It was time to get rid of our suites. Once we’ve stepped out of the water, all the moist around the suites froze immediately. It was well below –15°C. The suites became very stiff and crispy, difficult to move in, and difficult to remove!

The experience was very fun, and all seemed to enjoy it. However, we all got pretty cold! Well, anything for good memories!

By the way, you can get –10% discount for this tour, and other activities with Tailored Adventures company. Use the code ALLABOUTLAPLAND when booking on their site!

Frozen dry suits after floating in rapids of Kiveskoski in Ruka Kuusamo. 

when to experience?

All-year-round, but winter is special!


Kiveskoski rapids near Ruka Kuusamo

what to know

Have fun and let go!

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