Elf’s Farm Yard – meet reindeer & animals in Rovaniemi!

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Written by alex

January 19, 2020

Elf’s Farm Yard is situated at the Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi Lapland Finland. Here, you can meet with reindeer, feed them, as well as see some other animals such as goats, sheep, bunnies and more. You can also try some traditional cross-country skiing with old skis and snow slides (in winter, obviously!), as well as enjoy some nice treats from the little cafe. In summer, you can make Arctic Circle coins, and have fun on the swings!

Elf’s Farm Yard is a the place to meet with reindeer and other fun animals in Rovaniemi! 

To get to the Elf’s Farm Yard you need to get to the Santa Claus Village which is situated 7km north from the city centre. You can take the Santa’s Express bus, or a taxi. There are currently several hotels at the Santa Claus Village and Elf’s Farm Yard is located within the walking distance from those. When navigating around Santa Claus Village, go behind the main square with Santa Claus Office, and turn left. Elf’s Farm yard is located in the forest, between the Snowmobile park and the road.

Whatch our video about Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi!

Elf’s Farm Yard is located in the middle of the forest. It is a nice place to discover traditional chores. Cross-country skiing on traditional skis is just one of them! In the old days, the skis were treated with tar, to prevent snow from sticking to them! That’s exactly the type of skis that I learned to ski with when I was little (yes, I am THAT old!), so seeing them brings a lot of nostalgia! 🙂

Reindeer are among the most famous animals in Lapland, and you can meet several of them. In 2019, the farm received a couple of reindeer whose mom died, so they are taken good care of! Perhaps even too good care, as they do daily feeding with them for the visitors of the farm. You can also meet with sheep and goats, bunnies and hens here. Lovely time if you are with kids!

Elf’s Farm Yard is ran by a family couple of Pasi & Marjo who are really sweet people. You can meet them at the cafe where you buy the entrance tickets. Speaking of those, you can always check for the latest prices on Elf’s Farm Yard’s website.

time to spend

30 min – 1 hour

opening Hours

Daily 11–17 (valid until April 13 2020)


Around 15€/person (season dependent)

Written by alex

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