In the 5th episode of our podcast we are going to explore traditional Lappish cuisine, and get to know its ingredients: reindeer, game, bear meat, fish, berries & mushrooms. Lappish nature is quite harsh, so the ingredients are simple, but very tasty, and complement well each other.  I will also share my own recipe of preparing the classic Lappish dish – the sauteed reindeer! In the end of the podcast we will also talk about the desserts, and Lappish squeaky “bread cheese”, blueberry and cloudberry.

We will also get to know the best restaraunts that serve traditional and modern Lappish food – Restaurant Nili in Rovaniemi, Lapland Restaurant Kotahovi at the Santa Village, Restaurants Nabo & Rakas, Aurora Estate Restaurant in Ylläs, and Saamen Kammi in Levi. Listen to the podcast and subscribe!

Or watch the video podcast: